Ancient Magic has Awakened

The use of the Cauldron in the portals to other realms has awakened a mystical, and deeply powerful magic all throughout the realms. And matching the nature of the Wizards corrupted souls that built the portals, this magic’s source is rooted in selfishness and an insatiable thirst for power.

Tales in scrolls so old that they have practically deteriorated in legibility, make reference to this lost magic having its power stemming from greed. Vast treasures were amassed by those who used it. The stories leave hints that before the Kingdom of Axioms existed, a land full of Castles, ruled by Masters of Nodes, flourished through the lands. These Masters learned to harness this magic, and grew wealthy, amassing massive hordes of treasure. But not without cost. A cost that took from others.

However, a secret existed on treasure acquired through such magics. The treasures retained a faint smell. An aura. Soon, the Masters of Nodes grew paranoid with their greed, and began to store these vast trinkets in large, underground vaults in their Castles, thinking this would lead to the ultimate security. They were wrong. By storing their treasures in one central location, this all but tiny smell grew stronger, bolder, and reached further. And there existed one powerful type of creature that could detect such a smell: Dragons.

Though many dragons are good in nature, some are certainly nefarious. One, very corrupted Dragon of old, known as Blue Ruin, was a shining star to this example of Dark Evils. This corrupted Dragon, grew stronger, ever hungrier, ever greedier, and became the leader of the Dragon clan Nightbane. Fully engrossed in a raging addiction to the aura surrounding treasures, Blue Ruin had discovered that the lands of Castles, deep within the Vaults, had that which was desired to satisfy this deafening craving. And thus the first introduction to Dragons came about, in the most terrifying of ways, to free those Castles of their treasures. Blue Ruin led the Nightbane clan on a devastating invasion.

Suddenly, vast wealth and greed transformed to become a death trap path to fiery ruin to those who misused the power.

A great war ensued. Castles destroyed. A massive burning event occurred as Dragon Fire engulfed all the lands. Yet the stories tell that while Castles laid burned to the ground, a light appeared, and a mysterious and powerful Sorcerer arrived from lands unknown. The Sorcerer brought hope to all the common people of the land, of all races and creeds, and rallied many brave souls to fight off the Dragons…

… A story to tell another time…

…for now, history may very well repeat, as the magical power of greed has awakened. But this time, the world is already in chaos between good and evil — The Sorcerer’s power, armies of good, armies of evil, Corrupted Wizards, unquenched Potions, hoarded Dragon Eggs, clans of Dragons soon to arrive, and Magics and Portals, some Vampiric in nature, have yet to be discovered.

Who will find the right balance to turn Dragon Fire Burning into vast wealth?

Who will dare to unbury the secrets of Ancient Magic?

This time, history repeating, may have very rewarding results, and possibly very deadly and burning results…. Will you dare to enter the battle?

…Something big is coming to DeFi Magic and Axioms…

Technical details to follow…

DexGuru Magic:
DexGuru Dark Magic:

$AXI 🧩




Wizards and Dragons. Bringing pure utility to Binance Smart Chain and Polygon. Powered by Axioms, — we develop and build other projects.

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DeFi Magic

DeFi Magic

Wizards and Dragons. Bringing pure utility to Binance Smart Chain and Polygon. Powered by Axioms, — we develop and build other projects.

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